Advantage of LA employee on discounted tickets

When you take on a new job or even have been at your current job for a while one of the main items of concern for you as an employee is the benefits package that is part of your employment. For many years employees enjoyed the security of knowing if they worked for a company for thirty years or more they would be rewarded with a pension package that would pay them for several years after their employment was over, but those pensions have for the most part been dissolved in many companies and benefits have been paired down a great deal.

In many cases the benefits an employee can take advantage of today includes medical, dental, vacation, and possibly a 401(k) plan. While these benefits are pretty good overall, most companies have done away with any employee benefit that offered a security or employee appreciation. This includes no longer offering company picnics, outings or appreciation dinners that bring all employees together and let them know their hard work and commitment is appreciated throughout the year. Because many companies no longer offer a reason for employees to stay longer other than increased vacation time many employees continually look for other employment and change at the first chance they get that looks better than their current situation.

One organization offers their employees a great benefit and certainly a reason to stay on for longer. With outstanding programs and features that work to help employees, the city of LA employee benefits include membership in the All City Employees Benefits Service Association (ACEBSA). This organization is made to give the membership access to a wide variety of programs that help them throughout their working lives including discounted tickets to entertainment venues throughout the Los Angeles area and events that bring all the city employees of Los Angeles together twice a year to celebrate and give the city a chance to show appreciation.

ACEBSA offers a great deal of great features for members to take advantage of for when they have children which includes the availability of programs to help with financial planning, a scholarship program for members and their children, retirement planning and much more. ACEBSA even puts out a monthly newspaper with contests so members can win free tickets to movie theaters and other prizes. Other free services include shipping on tickets and merchandise, notary services, classified ads, parking, insurance referrals, legal resources including living wills and trusts and much more. With discounts to movie theaters, water parks, theme parks, sporting events and more the benefits of membership are made to help with the daily living and events that are important in the lives of the members.

To be a member of this city of LA employee benefits club a member has to be a city employee and pay the membership fees. These fees are easy to manage at $1.75 per pay period for those who are actively working and only $1.00 per month for retired members. This price has not changed in over twenty years and gives access to one of the best benefits an employee of any organization can have. The best part is this is a benefit you keep upon retirement to enjoy for years.